The recall includes a range of Mercedes-Benz cars including the C-Class, CLK-Class, CLS-Class, and E-Class design lines.

The bonding within the glass panel and the sliding room structure sway not meet terms and could lead to sunroofs withdrawing, according to the organization.

German automaker Daimler AG told on Saturday this will remember 744,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the United States from 2001 through 2011 model years because the sunroof glass panel could disconnect and pose a hazard.

The huge recall covers more than two dozen vehicles from C-Class, CLK-Class, CLS-Class, including E-Class model lines.

The automaker told the bonding among the glass panel and the sliding room frame might not match designations and could lead to sunroofs detaching.

Owners who spent on repairs for the problem will be capable to seek reimbursements from Daimler.

A Mercedes-Benz USA spokesperson announced on Saturday he did not have a universal vehicle total toward the recall.

Dealers will examine the glass panel bonding plus replace the sliding roof if needed, the company announced.

Last month, Mercedes-Benz USA admitted to a $20 million civil fine over its approach of U.S. vehicle recalls after a year-long U.S. government investigation into 1.4 million assembled vehicles.

Following the terms of the settlement, the automaker will pay $13 million and faces different $7 million fine if it takes not comply with the contract.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the company failed to inform owners in a timely fashion in some recalls, did not offer all statements and did not start at least two recalls in a suitable fashion.


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