Chrome Allows Google, YouTube to Store User Data Even If You Want to Delete it, Claims Developer


Google continues to trace you albeit you explicitly instruct it to not , an independent software developer has claimed. The difficulty seems to be with Google Chrome’s storing of cookies and site data on a user’s device.

Jeff Johnson highlighted the difficulty during a blog post last week. He shared detailed screenshots that apparently show that Chrome had awarded a contentious exception to and, allowing them to store and access user information.

A minimum of on macOS even after the browser was set to automatically delete cookies and site data on closing. Cookies and site data allow websites to store information about users on their devices and access it once they visit the websites again.

While he gave Google the advantage of doubt and said that it might be a bug in Google Chrome, he mentioned that the exception only applies to Google websites and not, as an example,, raising doubts about Google’s handling of knowledge.

Johnson has offered a workaround for users who are more concerned about their privacy than others. And it isn’t switching to Safari or Firefox instead. He said that the difficulty are often resolved by adding and to an exception list in settings.

This is not the primary time Google has been accused of bypassing user preferences on its products. A 2018 Associated Press investigation claimed that Google continued to trace the whereabouts of Android users albeit that they had turned off location tracking on their devices.


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