Google has announced new features for its Pixel smartphones. The latest Feature Drop for Pixel smartphones not only brings major improvements to Google Assistant, a tool that has taken a back seat ever since the company made generative AI the center of its universe. This feature drop introduces several notable additions, such as the macro mode in video, cinematic video, and emoji wallpaper. It also brings enhancements to health and security features, among other updates.

Cinematic and Emoji wallpapers

The new Cinematic wallpaper feature, which is available on Pixel 6 and coming models, uses AI to transform a regular photo into a dynamic 3D scenario. Simply press on the upper right corner of the screen whenever an image is set as wallpaper to reveal a new sparkle button that enables the cinematic effect.

The emoji wallpaper from Android 14 appears to be coming with Google as well. This wallpaper lets you pick up to 14 emojis using the normal keyboard picker, choose from patterns like Lotus, Stacks, Sprinkle, Prism, and Mosiac, and adjust the zoom density using the slider at the bottom.

If you’re feeling lazy, just press the “Randomise” button, and your phone will automatically generate wallpaper for you. Once decided, every time you press on your home screen, the live wallpaper will react or jiggle. On the Pixel 4a and later, emoji wallpapers are available.

Macro Video

Macro Focus video and Palm Timer

Google is additionally bringing the Macro Focus mode to the Pixel 7 Pro’s video capabilities, enabling users to capture small details like butterflies fluttering or flowers waving. It can snap close-up stills up to three centimeters far away and uses autofocus on the ultrawide lens. It’s important to keep in mind that the new function is specific to the Pixel 7 Pro and is not accessible with all camera apps and modes.

The Google Camera app on Pixel 6 and coming after devices allow users to start a selfie timer that is activated by simply raising their hand. If you want to shoot a selfie but are away from your phone, the feature, which was initially available on the recently launched Google Pixel Fold, is extremely helpful.

Home Panel

Google Home panel

The home panel may be useful if you have several connected devices. When you hit the home icon located on the bottom left of the lock screen or quick settings tile, a new panel that mimics Google Homes’ “Favourite” tab shows. It looks like the panel’s layout is carried over from the Home app.

New Safety features

New safety features

A new safety feature that lets you enable Emergency Sharing using your voice will be included in the June Pixel Drop. With the most recent update, Google Assistant users of Pixel devices will also be able to initiate a “Safety Check” by saying, “Hey Google, start a safety check for 30 minutes.”

The new feature will automatically call your emergency contacts and share your real-time location if you don’t react within the set time frame. This is extremely useful if you go for a walk at night or don’t feel secure in a particular region. Your Pixel phone will now automatically share your real-time location with emergency contacts and contact emergency services in areas where “Car Crash Detection” is available.

Adaptive charging and smart haptics

Google removed the restrictions in March wherein a user had to set an alarm to enable “Adaptive Charging.” Google said the feature will now use Artificial Intelligence to help extend battery life by predicting a charging session based on previous behavior with the June update. The feature might not work, though, if your charging routines are very inconsistent.

For the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a, the tech giant is also releasing adaptive haptics, a technology that automatically lowers vibration intensity while the phone is in the hand or on a flat surface.


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