Google has revolutionized web surfing in India by introducing its cutting-edge AI-powered search tool. This move reflects Google’s commitment to maintaining a firm grasp on the web search market. This updated search experience, which was unveiled at the annual Google I/O event in May, represents significant progress in enhancing the quality and relevance of search results.

And now both Japan and India can use the brand-new method of searching. The new feature was previously only available in the US. The company just announced that it is expanding the reach of the SGE (Search Generative Experience).

Google announces SGE for India and Japan

Announcing the same, the company’s blog post reads, “This week, we launched Search Labs in the first countries outside the U.S. — India and Japan — enabling people to opt into SGE to help them better understand topics faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights and get things done more easily.”

There is also a special attribute for India, the blog post added. Users will get access to a language toggle that will make it simple for multilingual speakers to move between Hindi and English. And Indian users have the option of listening to the replies, which is a popular option. Regarding advertisements, they will continue appearing in specified spots on the search page.

Google’s new way of searching combines data from the internet and presents it to users in a cohesive manner, much like Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing. You often see a list of connections to webpages when you conduct a Google search, and you must filter through the links to find the information you need. However, with SGE, Google will handle all of the user’s labor, and a summary generated by AI will be displayed above the search results. Additionally, Google is focusing on making search more “visual” in its approach and includes several images in the results.

How do links to the original web pages stand up? These will be there but to access the original links in case the user wishes to dig deeper, he or she must scroll past the AI-generated summary.

How to use the feature?

You must activate the new search experience through Search Labs to use it. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Look for the Search Labs icon in the top-right of the screen.
  • When you click it, a dialogue talking SGE and generative AI in Search will pop up.
  • Find the toggle button next to the statement, “When turned on, SGE may appear when you search,” and click it.
  • Click Try and Example to have Google show you through the new search experience. The option of sending feedback is also available.


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