Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), had disclosed that it aims to set up 6 incubation centres and the same number of research & development centres across the country over the next one year.

The S-TIC concept is conceived with one selected major academic institute taking the lead role in a particular region and providing opportunities for final year graduate, post–graduate and research scholars. The research outcome of these students will be translated into a Proof of Concept or prototype through industries tied up with the S-TIC through ISRO.

Speaking to the reporters in New Delhi, ISRO’s Chairman Dr K Sivan listed the projects which also focused on leveraging the student community in the country.

Dr Sivan said, “They will also have access to Research and Development lab also. We want them to get a practical experience of building a small satellite. If the satellites are good, we want them to fly.” He explained that this program was similar to NASA’s student outreach program which brings students to its labs. Dr K Sivan also requested students from all over the country to contact ISRO if they wanted to launch their own satellites and assured that it will be done free of cost.

Dr Sivan said six research centres will also be set up across the country. The research centres would be set up in Jaipur, Guwahati University, NIT Kurukshetra, IIT Varanasi, NIT Patna and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.


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