Mark Zuckerberg‘s Meta, previously known as Facebook Inc., has issued a stern warning that employees who disregard its three-days-per-week office work policy may be terminated. This comes from the company’s recent adoption of work from the office for three days.

All Meta employees who have been assigned an office are subject to the rule, which will take effect on September 5. Any employee who is unable to meet the three-day minimum due to a medical condition or a disability must request an exception from the manager.

The next two days are up to the option of the staff members, who may choose to work remotely. The three-day office work rules, however, which are believed essential to maintain direct, face-to-face interactions and collaboration, are strongly cautioned against being violated. By striking a balance, it is possible to maintain productivity levels and gradually restore the crucial connections with others that were lost when working remotely.

In an email sent to Meta employees, Lori Goler, the company’s “head of people” said, “Beginning September 5, people assigned to an office will need to spend at least 3 days per week in person to foster healthy relationships and strong collaboration.”

“Managers will review badge and Status Tool information on a monthly basis and follow up with those who didn’t meet the requirement, subject to local law and works council requirements,” it said the memo obtained by Insider.

“As with other company policies, repeated violations may result in disciplinary action, up to and including a Performance@ rating drop and, ultimately, termination if not addressed,” the memo added as per the New York Post.

Balancing Remote and In-Person Work

As technology advances, Meta acknowledges the importance of remote work in the future. While carefully considering investments in remote work options, their immediate focus on in-person work aims to enhance the experience for employees choosing to work from office.

“In the near-term, our in-person focus is designed to support a strong, valuable experience for our people who have chosen to work from the office, and we’re being thoughtful and intentional about where we invest in remote work,” he added.

When the company initially introduced its RTO plans in June, it specified that employees engaged for office jobs should come in a couple of days a week. This announcement is in line with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s internal and public advocacy for the benefits of in-office work, emphasizing that engineers in their early careers tend to perform better when working in person with teammates at least three days a week, though specifics of this analysis were not disclosed.

It’s important to remember that we’ve encountered news like this before. Following Elon Musk’s takeover, organizations like Twitter have also issued several warnings to their employee members. He once said everyone was required to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, or 8 hours spread across 5 working days. The billionaire added that those who would rather not run again are welcome to submit their resignations.


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