Google is said to be developing a new feature called ‘On-the-Go’ mode for its video communication service, Google Meet. The new mode aims to provide users with a safer and easier option for participating part in video calls while traveling.

On-the-Go Mode for Seamless Video Calls

Reports from 9To5Google suggest that there will be two methods to access this mode once it becomes available.

When Google Meet detects motion from the phone’s sensors, indicating that the user is walking, a prompt will be displayed for users. The seamless transition to the travel-friendly mode without interrupting stride is anticipated to be made possible by this automatic detecting capability.

The ‘On-the-Go’ mode can also be manually activated by users by choosing the new option from the in-call menu. No matter whether motion is detected or not, this option offers users greater control over whether they want to use the feature.

Google Meet On-the-Go mode

Development and Availability

The On-the-Go mode may only be available to developers or beta testers at this time because it is currently in the development stage. There is no official word on whether or when Google will make this feature accessible to all Meet users. However, it has the potential to enhance user experience and make it easier to multitask while on video calls.

Google’s video calls have been improving better all the time. The company introduced a viewer mode earlier this month that allows users to designate participants as “viewers” to reduce interruptions during long meetings. This feature reduces audio disruptions and enhances the meeting experience as a whole. Google also introduced a 1080p video call option for Meet users in April of this year, significantly boosting the clarity and visual appeal of video calls.

As of now, Google has not announced an official release date for the ‘On-the-Go’ mode, but users can anticipate its arrival shortly.

The tech giant is also testing a new feature in Google Photos, its photo-sharing and storing service. According to reports, some app users noticed a function that allows for on-demand cinematic effects. In the Google Photos Library tab, under the ‘Utilities’ heading, is the ability to create cinematic photos.


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