A group of nine people who recently travelled for more 3,000 kilometres to Puducherry got a rude shock on reaching their destination. They found that the rooms that they had booked on OYO did not exist.

One of the members of the group, Abhishant Pant, wrote a long post on LinkedIn about the experience and also shot a video of the property.

The group had booked rooms at OYO 74612 Royal Plaza Boarding and Lodging. But on getting there on the night of December 24, they discovered that it was a deserted place with a growth of wild plants.

The man said he and his fellow travelers found themselves stranded on a deserted road at night.

Rohit Kapoor, OYO’s chief executive officer for India and South-East Asia, apologized to Pant for the trouble shortly after he posted about his experience on LinkedIn.

“This does not meet our standards at all and we are conducting a thorough investigation to take corrective steps, both for your experience as well as making more systemic changes,” Kapoor said in a comment on Pant’s post.

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