Truecaller has again launched a call recording feature after eliminating it last year due to Google and Apple’s restrictions on operating systems.  The feature has been restored by the corporation, but it isn’t available without charge. The feature has already gone live in the US and will gradually roll out throughout the world in the upcoming months.

“Truecaller has launched its AI-powered call recording feature for its 350 million active users on both iPhone and Android, starting in the US and gradually in different parts of the world in the months to come. The AI-powered functionality significantly sets Truecaller apart from others in this space,” the company said.

The platform will translate your calls into text messages in addition to the call recording feature. Due to the fact that everything discussed at the meeting will be recorded, this capability would be useful in other situations as well. For now, the feature only supports English. Soon, this feature will be made available.

“The new feature records both sides of the call with high clarity and provides summarized transcriptions of all call recordings, turning the call recording into text that is easy to navigate. Each transcription will come with a brief subject line that makes it easier to quickly and accurately search within these transcriptions using Large Language Model (LLM) technology,” Truecaller said.

With recorded calls at their fingertips, Truecaller users gain unparalleled flexibility in managing their conversations. They can easily listen to recordings, rename them for better organization, delete unwanted ones, or seamlessly share them with other apps such as Airdrop, Messages, or Mail.

Truecaller adopts a cloud based call recording solution to comply with Google and Apple policies while ensuring user privacy

Because both Google and Apple allow it on their operating systems, Truecaller removed the call recording capability. You can record calls using the company’s recording line, which is a service offered by a cloud telephony provider. In simple terms, it implies that calls are recorded using the service and then given to you once the call has ended.

In order to give users complete control over their privacy, the company claims that all calls that are recorded will be stored directly on the device. The option to back up the recordings on iCloud or Google Drive is also available.

Steps to record the calls with Truecaller’s new feature for  iPhone

For incoming calls

  • Users can answer incoming call, open the Truecaller app, and go to the Search tab.
  • To record a call, all one needs to do is tap the “Record a call” button and call the recording line, a special number provided by Truecaller.
  • The option to combine those two calls will then be provided on the call screen.

Image shows the step-by-step process of how to start recording an incoming using the Truecaller app

For outgoing calls

  • The ‘Record a call’ option can be found on the Truecaller app by using the Search tab.
  • They can add a call by choosing a phone book contact or by entering a desired number after calling the recording line.
  • The call will be recorded once the two calls have been merged

Image shows the step-by-step process of how to start recording an outgoing call using the Truecaller app

For both incoming and outgoing calls

A push notification will be sent when the recording is ready following the end of the conference call. The Truecaller app allows users to access calls that have previously been recorded. For maximum control, every call that is recorded on an iPhone is stored right there. Users also have the option of creating a backup on iCloud, providing a further layer of security.

Steps to record the calls with Truecaller’s new feature for Android

In the dialer of Truecaller for Android, users will discover a special recording button. If you are using another phone dialer, a “floating” button to initiate or end the recording will be shown. A push notification will alert users when the call has ended and the talk has been recorded.


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