Twitter canceled all legacy verified accounts with Blue checkmarks on April 21, triggering chaos among users of the microblogging service. Elon Musk is the CEO of Twitter. However, a lot of famous users, influencers, and celebrities had their blue verification badges next to their usernames reinstated.

In India, several popular personalities, including Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, MS Dhoni, Roger Federer, former US President Donald Trump, and others, appeared to have their Blue Tick back.

Twitter accounts’ blue tick marks served as a way to verify their identity and distinguish them from imposters. Working professionals including journalists, employees of organizations, and government employees have access to it. For one to get a blue tick for their account, all they had to do was apply for a verification program.

But after Elon Musk took over as CEO of Twitter, things started to change. He stated that the company will soon start removing the “legacy check marks” for Twitter accounts in February 2023. Twitter stated in March that as of April 1, only premium subscribers would have verified marks. This means a user cannot have a blue tick mark on his or her account unless they are a Twitter Blue subscriber.

To help you get a blue tick on Twitter, we explain the pricing, eligibility, and other details here.

Twitter blue tick: Eligibility

According to the company’s website, only accounts that are actively subscribing to Twitter Blue are eligible to receive the blue checkmark.

The user’s account must meet the following set of criteria to be awarded or retain the blue checkmark:

Complete: There must be a display name and profile photo on the user’s account.

Use actively: To sign up for Twitter Blue, the user’s account must have been active within the last 30 days.

Security:  Your account must be older than 30 days upon subscription and have a confirmed phone number.

Non-Deceptive: 1. Your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle) must have been recently changed on the user’s account. 2. The user account must not display any signs of deceptive behavior or misleading information. 3. The user account must not display signs of platform manipulation or spam.

Twitter Blue: Pricing

Users in the United States must pay $7 per month for a blue tick on Twitter, whereas in India, it costs Rs 900 per month, or at a discounted price of Rs 9,400 per year. According to Purchasing Power Parity, prices would differ between countries, according to Musk’s statement.

How to sign up for Twitter Blue?

Go to and click More > Twitter Blue > Subscribe to sign up on the web. If you haven’t already, you will be asked to verify your mobile number here. You will then need to pay for the subscription.

Similarly, on iOS or Android, select Twitter Blue > Subscribe from the profile menu. You’ll be prompted to verify your phone number if you haven’t previously. To complete your in-app subscription follow the purchase instructions.


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