Clubhouse app is voice chat rooms that accommodate groups of thousands of people. Launched 20 May 2021 for Android and Expanded to the Indian market has been a super hit.  App has been crashing few times in the past week due to huge Indian users, it gained a 2 million user base in just a few weeks

What is ClubHouse?

Imagine you have an app on your phone that lets you listen in on other people’s live conversations. It looks weird right? but these people want you to hear them. Exactly this app allows you to hear others speaking.    

How to Install?

It is available on Google Android Playstore and Apple store

Why I was not able to access it after registration?

Clubhouse app work as an Invite-only social media app. This means you can join the app only via invitation from a Clubhouse member or wait to get approved by someone of Clubhouse member.

If you joined without an invitation you have to patiently wait for someone of Clubhouse members to Nominate you so that you can join the Clubhouse.

Can I go and listen in any Room?

Yes, you can go into any room to listen to the speakers.

How can I speak in a Room?

You have to raise the hand button to the moderator, once the moderator approves you can join as speaker. But you have to wait muted for your turn to speak.

We recommend you not to interrupt any speakers while they talk.

How do invite my friend to Clubhouse?

You have an option to invite friends via the Top of Inbox symbol, where you can connect with your mobile contacts number and sends them invites.

Inviting friends | Clubhouse

How to start a club?

Navigate to your profile page and scroll to the “Member of” section near the bottom.

There you will see a “+” sign to the right of your last club badge (note: if you’re a member of many clubs, you’ll have to scroll to the end of your club list to locate the plus).

Tap the icon, and create your club!

Note that you will only be able to create one club at a time and you won’t be able to delete a club directly in-app, so choose wisely and be thoughtful.

Can I Direct Message(DM) with Speakers or any User?

No, you can’t Direct Message. But Clubhouse has an option to connect with Twitter and Instagram, where you can connect with them and DM.

How to report a user?

To report a user, Go to their Profile and click on three dots and Tap on “Report an incident”. The ‘Report a Trust & Safety Incident ‘ page will open. Select a reason for reporting the profile from the list of options, and then scroll down to fill out the rest of the form.

Report & Blocking user | Clubhouse

How to Block a user?

Blocking a user in a clubhouse work differently than other social media apps. Because Clubhouse doesn’t show or list you the blocked users. This will make it difficult to remember who you have blocked.  Also, it will remove a user from the Club which has been created by you. We recommend you to use the Report feature over Block. You can use the Block feature as the Last option, Go to their Profile and click on three dots and Tap on Block. In the same way you can Unblock the user.

How bring attendees to the stage as speakers?

Even if someone doesn’t raise their hand, you can still invite them to speak. To do this, just tap their icon. You’ll then see options to “Make a moderator,” “Make a speaker,” or “Move to audience,” which will unmute them if they’re already speaking.

If you make the person a speaker, they’ll just be able to speak until you move them back to the audience. However,  if you make them a moderator, they gain co-hosting privileges and can also allow speakers and hand raises. But we recommend making the speaker to the moderator with caution.

Hope it helps you. Happy Talking!


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