Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system has leaked online. Chinese site Baidu, published screenshots of Window 11 last week. Now the entire OS is leaked with full features with user interface, start menu and other functions.

What’s New in Windows 11?

A major update is the task menu which is centred, inspired by macOS. Microsoft has centred the app icons here, cleaned up the tray area, and included a new Start button and menu.

Windows Search UI completely changed with new floating filter down apps and other documents.

Microsoft edge has not been changed. Setting windows also not been changed.

There are a bunch of new wallpapers that have been added to stock. Look nice based on the leaks.

Another major update is for the user having spilt screen. You can easily set different split view options, right from the maximize button in any app. You can choose split view, or views with three or four apps on the screen at once. It makes things a lot easier than the standard side-by-side view that we get now.

Windows 10X resemblance

Most of the features leaked shows that are from scrapped Window 10X version. Microsoft has renamed and branded it as Window 11. Microsoft announced special Windows event to reveal its next OS on June 24th.

Microsoft executives have also been teasing a “next generation of Windows” announcement for months and this leak now confirms that Windows 11 will be officially revealed later this month.


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