X, once known as Twitter, has been many of us’ main sources of information ever since it launched. Millions of users utilize the social media platform worldwide, and it also serves as a vital platform for businesses to promote their accounts. Twitter had a feature through which accounts could be promoted with a ‘Follow’ CTA (call to action) button being displayed right next to the account. This tool allowed users to promote their accounts on the network. According to recent reports, the social media site has decided to discontinue this feature and is notifying advertisers via email.

Twitter makes it harder to promote your account

According to a Tuesday Axios report, Twitter will no longer permit marketers to directly promote their accounts on the timeline of the platform. The publication cited an email addressed to clients who purchase advertising as its source. According to a source cited in the report, the promoted accounts ads business generated more than USD 100 million for the company internationally.

On August 10, a Twitter representative informed clients of the company’s plans to “deprecate” the Followers objective ad unit in a note to them. The representative continued by saying that this change is being made to optimize the platform experience.

Does this mean that advertisers won’t be able to advertise their accounts on X ever again? Actually, no. The representative said that the company acknowledges how much its advertising clients rely on the feature, and thus in the upcoming weeks they will be working to find ‘alternative routes to meet these goals’.

One of Twitter’s oldest advertising formats is the Followers Objective feature. It displays the promoted account’s tweet on a user’s timeline even though they are not following that account, and has previously been referred to as an “easy way” to gain followers. Along with the tweet, the Follow CTA button gets on the user’s timeline.

Twitter ads and Elon Musk

Elon Musk has introduced a lot of changes to Twitter’s ad business since he took over. Revenue sharing with content creators has been the most recent development in terms of ads. Indian users started getting advertising revenue a few days ago, and many were seen online celebrating. Keep in mind that only Twitter Blue Subscribers (those who have purchased the blue tick) can earn money from Twitter.


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