Zero ad subscription for Twitter users, New Plan by Elon Musk


Twitter recently relaunched its Blue subscription service for users and revealed that those who purchase it will only see 50% as many adverts as non-paid users.

However, many people still find the cost of the subscription to be quite exorbitant given the paltry number of perks it provides.

People on Twitter have said that even after spending so much money, the social media juggernaut is still providing advertisements.

Elon Musk has a response for this. The site will have various Blue subscription options, with the entry-level plan featuring only 50% advertisements, according to the company’s new boss, who clarified this on Twitter.

He also intends to introduce a higher-tier plan with no commercials. Musk stated that this strategy will be implemented sometime in 2019.

Although he didn’t give a particular date, we do know that the company’s release won’t probably take longer given that Musk has been setting up tough deadlines and high work expectations to complete work more quickly.

Three versions of the Twitter Blue subscription have been seen in the past month, proving that Musk won’t likely waste much time because the function will also generate income for Twitter.

For the web version of Twitter Blue, the initial price is currently $8 (about Rs 660). There will be a $11 fee for those who use Twitter on an iPhone (around Rs 900). According to an entry in the Apple App Store, the cost for iPhone users in India is Rs 999. The similar capability is not currently accessible to Android users because Twitter has not tested it for them.

The company has now re-launched the function with a higher fee to reflect the expense of the customary 30% commission rate that Apple charges to developers for App Store transactions and recurring subscriptions. The pricing for iOS users was originally set to Rs 719/-.

Do not forget that if you are a verified user, you will need to purchase a subscription or else you risk losing your blue badge. Additionally, authenticated users will be able to upload lengthier movies and see 50% more advertisements. Additionally, they will be given preference in searches, tweets, and replies.


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