Ulaa, a brand-new web browser developed by the Indian software company Zoho, launched on Thursday. It is a privacy-focused browser designed to compete with leading companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Ulaa is a Tamil word that signifies “journey” or “voyage.”

Ulaa’s Privacy Features:

The browser is designed with features that automatically and universally disable tracking and website surveillance. It is specifically created to protect personal data. Ulaa takes Zoho’s dedication to privacy one step further.

Ulaa’s capacity to stop monitoring by websites and outside trackers ensures that user data is kept private and is one of its main selling factors. According to Zoho, the browser offers a high level of security and privacy for users by not tracking or disclosing user information to any other parties.

According to a press release, users can also sync browsing sessions between devices, allowing them to use various devices for the same browsing session without any problems. This can be done for either a whole browser window or a single tab.

According to Sridhar Vembu, CEO and co-founder of Zoho Corporation, ”Not many browsers on the market today are built to protect user privacy. They were created to protect respective company’s ad-based business models and surveillance companies that complement them, which runs counter to protecting users. This conflict between user’s preferences and browser’s business models means end users lose,”.

According to him, Zoho can provide a conflict-free, privacy-centric browser to those who respect their privacy and the privacy of their children because of its commitment to privacy and privacy-centric business strategy.

Following the launch of Zillum, an app suite designed specifically for families to combine their communications and data on a single platform, in 2022, Zoho made its most recent push into the B2C technology arena with Ulaa. In 2021, the business also unveiled a beta version of Arattai, a personal messaging app; however, a full version has not yet been released.

India had more than 700 million active internet users as of December 2022, and by 2025, that number is anticipated to rise to 900 million. The number of internet users and the threat vectors to their privacy will both grow. Ulaa shields users from tracking and observation as a result.

Ulaa’s desktop version is available free for all. The iOS and Android versions are currently in beta and available for download, the release said. For more information, please visit: https://ulaa.com/

Zoho also disclosed its execution strategies and continued AI investment. Starting with the introduction of 13 generative AI ChatGPT-powered Zoho application extensions and integrations.

With internally developed software running on the business’ cloud, Zoho has been executing and deploying AI (Zia) across its product portfolio for more than ten years.

According to Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, Director – AI Research, Zoho Corporation, “the fusion of ChatGPT‘s generative AI with our homegrown AI features will provide users with a more intuitive, efficient, and secure experience, reflecting Zoho’s deep R&D-first culture.”

Vembu recently discussed the risks of implementing novel technology like AI without the necessary safeguards. According to him, it might “cause unprecedented disruption of the existing social order.”

Zoho was founded in 1996 by Vembu and Tony Thomas and now employs more than 12K people worldwide. The bootstrapped unicorn reported a net profit of INR 2,749 Cr in FY22, a 43% increase from INR 1,917 Cr in FY21, despite the industry slowdown.


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