Amazon Fire TV to feature generative AI to design wallpapers using voice commands


If you are an Amazon Fire TV user, we have good news for you. Now, you can create beautiful wallpapers with simple voice commands. Amazon Fire TV plans to allow users to create various artwork for their TV sets using generative AI, a technology that is used by bots like ChatGPT and text-to-image generators.

Users can enjoy a hands-free experience with the current Fire TV-powered devices. However, the functions are limited to channel or volume changes, weather update requests, and smart home device control. Amazon hopes to add smarter living features with the most recent update, which might provide the company with an edge over rivals, at least in the field of smart homes.

According to Amazon, generative AI capabilities will soon be added to TVs or streaming devices running the Fire TV OS, as suggested by Gadget 360. The text-to-image generator Dall-E, Adobe Firefly, and generative AI will reportedly soon be available for some Amazon TVs managing the Fire TV OS.

The company showcased new features on an Amazon QLED TV from the Fire TV Omni series at a meeting. The research points out that the generative AI technology on Fire TVs can only currently create artwork in response to simple voice directions.

The TV transforms into a large digital photo frame as a result. Later this year, this feature is expected to roll out to a few Fire TV Omni series models.

Amazon Proposes Collaboration

According to Daniel Rausch, vice president of Amazon’s entertainment products and services, who was quoted in a report in India Today, Amazon announced that it plans to collaborate with additional companies to offer Fire TV OS on third-party smart TVs.

The Omni QLED TVs may eventually be sold in India, the Amazon VP also said, though no specific period has been provided.

“I would say that customers interact with AI all the time with Fire TV already today, it’s the founding technology of all of our recommendations, the ‘For You’ row, the entire user experience of the content display, the Alexa-powered search, and figuring out what content you’re looking for when you’re using voice/Alexa so there’s already a lot of AI built-in, and there’s more to come.” When asked about the other uses for generative AI, Daniel Rausch, Vice President, Entertainment Devices and Services, Amazon, was quoted on Gadget 360 as saying.


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