At WWDC 2023, Apple announced updates for many devices, including iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS.– The introduction of Apple’s mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, was the main highlight.– For iPadOS 17, Apple is also improving “Stage Manager” and widgets.- Stage Manager organizes apps and windows to improve efficiency and help users focus on their tasks.

iPadOS 17 offers optimized app resizing and window layout, support for overlapping windows, and the ability to add app icons to the workspace. Now, users may conduct tasks and interact with widgets without opening the app. Similar to the strip of widgets on the side of the iPad home screen, widgets can be placed anywhere on the home screen.

The event’s major feature was the unveiling of Apple’s Mixed Reality headset, the Vision Pro. However, Apple also stated that it will be working on enhancing the user experience with iPadOS 17, the business’s upcoming version of the tablet operating system.

Stage Manager Features

Stage Manager, which was introduced with iPadOS 16, helps users to concentrate on the task at hand and enhances productivity by enabling seamless multitasking. It works by organizing windows and apps automatically so users can see everything from a single screen.

Users welcomed the feature, however, Stage Manager’s initial version had many capabilities. However, it seems that Apple introduced overlapping windows with iPadOS 17 and added the ability to shift-click app icons to add them to your current workspace. The app resizing and window placement experiences seem to have also been optimized by the developers.

More flexible Home Screen widgets

With the release of iPadOS 17, users can now interact with widgets. This enables users to perform actions like maintaining a to-do list, controlling music playback, and more without having to open the app. With the capacity to recreate the widget strip on the side of the iPad home screen, users may now add widgets anywhere on the home screen due to the update.

The enhancement of widget functions in iPadOS 17 is another significant improvement. Users may now interact with widgets, allowing them to perform actions like controlling music playback or checking items off a to-do list without opening their respective apps. Users can now reproduce the widget strip that is often featured on the side of the iPad home screen due to the capacity of Apple to place widgets wherever on the screen. With this customization capability, users have greater flexibility in organizing their devices according to their preferences and needs.

Although these updates sound promising, iPad users won’t be allowed to upgrade to iPadOS 17 before this time of year. Users ought to expect soon using the improved Stage Manager and interactive widgets on their devices as Apple typically publishes new operating system updates at this time.


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