Facebook previously revealed plans to replace “Facebook Watch” with a new “Video” tab and add several of new video-focused features to the social media platform, like an updated video editor and the ability to upload HDR footage.

Video Editing Made Easier

Updates that will add more Reels editing tools to Feed have started to roll out, making it even easier to create dynamic videos for Facebook. With the use of our video editing tools, people will be able to express themselves in fresh ways through Reels or long-form videos, whether they’re posting a video for friends and family to see or trying to reach out to others who share similar interests.

All Videos in One Place on Facebook

The newly introduced Video tab will serve as a “one-stop shop for everything video on Facebook, including Reels, long-form, and Live content,” according to a blog post. Users will be able to scroll vertically across their personalized stream, much like Facebook Watch, and watch all kinds of video content.

Additionally, Facebook has included a horizontal scroll that shows recommended reels so you can easily switch between long- and short-form content.

On iOS, the Videos tab is found on the bottom bar; on Android, it is placed on the top shortcut bar, which changes based on which features of the app you use the most.

The Video tab now contains all videos on Facebook

Discover Popular Videos on Facebook

To make it easier for you to explore and learn more about popular video topics Facebook redesigned the video Explore. By tapping the search icon in the Video tab, you may access Explore. You can view a variety of short, long, and live videos here that relate to relevant topics and hashtags. It chooses popular topics and videos and exposes the ones Facebook thinks you will love and find interesting using a combination of human curation and machine learning.

Engage with Instagram Reels on Facebook

The capacity to view and comment on Reels from Instagram without switching apps is now available to users who have linked their Facebook and Instagram accounts in Meta’s Account Centre.

Additionally, Meta brought Instagram’s Reels editing tools to its Feed, helping creators to create dynamic videos & add effects and soundtrack. Users will have the ability to speed up videos as well as reverse or replace them as part of the update. The ability to add music, and audio clips, make voiceovers, reduce background noise, and support HDR video upload and playback are just a few of the new features.

Commenting on Instagram Reels from Facebook


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