Hacker Installs Windows 95 on His Smartwatch and It Works


Windows 95, the first operating system in the Windows 9x family and the replacement for Windows 3.1x, is a consumer-focused operating system created by Microsoft. It was released to manufacturing on July 14, 1995, and to retail stores generally on August 24, 1995. One hacker was able to install Windows 95 on his smartwatch! Date: April 11, 2016, 11:50 p.m.

Recently, the innovation of Windows 95 was many of us first experience with an operating system, and at the time, it was regarded by some as the best available. So that he may possess a little touchscreen PC still running software from 1995! He was able to run Windows 95, Grand Theft Auto, and Flappy Bird on a smart watch in addition to Grand Theft Auto and Flappy Bird.Check out all of the videos below.

The best aspect of this hack is that, once Windows finally runs, the user may operate the touch screen watch exactly like a computer, complete with start button. Now, if you were hoping to use the Windows-enabled watch to run any other useful programmes, well, you can’t. Every time a hacker tries to open an application, Windows 95 complains that it is running out of RAM.

While it may be interesting to see this vintage operating system on a modern device, the person who created the Windows watch also downloaded Grand Theft Auto III onto an Android watch. Who wouldn’t want to play GTA III while waiting for a bus or in a meeting? It’s challenging to play on a touchscreen this little, but if you have teeny tiny mouse hands, you’ll love it. Check out the video below.

Who wouldn’t want the addictive game Flappy Bird, a popular app, put onto their smart watch? This is possibly the most practical of all the unusual features this guy has loaded on smart watches. You’ll definitely spend endless hours tapping your wrist if you hack your watch like this.

Even while it is realistically not very useful, occasionally mixing modern technology with outdated computer software may be pretty cool. It is amazing to consider how far we have gone since the mid-1990s, which was 20 years ago.


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