Netflix has new policies for you if you share your passwords with friends and family who do not reside in the same household. In India, the popular streaming giant recently announced new restrictions on account and password sharing.  It’s been talking about this feature for years. Passwords for Netflix accounts can no longer be shared with family and friends who are located far away. While for some individuals this may be bad news. Netflix hopes it would result in increased revenue and improved user experience.

What are the new rules for Netflix Account Sharing in India?

A single account should only be used within a single home, according to Netflix’s new policy. This means that, whether they are at home, on vacation, or moves, family members who live together can still enjoy Netflix on different devices. Netflix offers features like “Transfer Profile” and “Manage Access and Devices” to make it easier for members in the same household to share an account.

In the past, a lot of Netflix users in India split the cost of their subscriptions with friends. Sadly, these new regulations will end such account-sharing practices with people who are not people of the primary family. Instead, guests will be encouraged to open new accounts, transfer their profiles, and get separate subscriptions.

How does Netflix know that you’re sharing someone else’s password?

According to Netflix, it uses a combination of device IDs, IP addresses, and “account activity from devices signed into the Netflix account” to determine whether a Netflix account is being used in the home of the primary account user.

Additionally, Netflix can prompt you to enter a four-digit verification number that was issued to the account holder to verify a device. These codes are good for a maximum of seven days. Users must also establish a Wi-Fi link with their primary home at least once every 31 days.

Just know that Netflix will likely know if you’re using someone else’s Netflix account.

Users who are on the go won’t be affected

There is good news if you feel worried about using Netflix when you are traveling. The new rules won’t impact anyone who uses the app while on the go, according to Netflix. The specific verification process is still being worked out, but it is likely to involve checking the device ID to verify the user’s identity.

Paid sharing is not yet possible in India

In markets like the US, Netflix previously allowed paid account sharing. Due to lower subscription costs in India, the company decided not to offer this option there. The priciest streaming service in India is the premium plan, which costs Rs 649 a month and supports up to 4 devices and 4K content.

Strangely, Netflix‘s tight policy on password sharing has proved successful to their benefit. Netflix gained a stunning 5.9 million new subscribers worldwide in the second quarter of 2023. This represents a rebound after the first subscriber decline in ten years, which occurred in Q1 2022. In many regions, Netflix’s revenue has surpassed pre-launch levels, and sign-ups have exceeded cancellations.


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