Jeff Bezos, the founder of, is acquiring a sizable waterfront property in Florida to add to his collection of homes. Bezos, who is the third richest person in the world, is spending $68 million to make this new purchase on the island of Indian Creek, which is close to Miami.

The 1965 three-bedroom property on 2.8 acres (1.1 hectares) had previously been owned by MTM Star International, a company having ties to Panama. The sale was made in June, according to public records, but the final purchaser’s identity was kept undisclosed. The last recorded sale before that was for $1.4 million in 1982.

The outlet said that Bezos, who according to Bloomberg has a net worth of $163 billion, purchased the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home on Indian Creek Island in June through an off-market deal.

A month before the purchase, the former CEO of Amazon proposed to Sanchez a massive diamond ring estimated to be worth $2.5 million.

On his $500 million yacht, which has a helipad, a pool, and a mermaid statue that resembles Sanchez, the couple celebrated their engagement.

The new house is located on a man-made island with a local government, mayor, and police force. Celebrities like Julio Iglesias, Carl Icahn, Ivanka Trump, and Tom Brady reside there as well.

Prime Waterfront Estate: Bezos’ Latest Acquisition on Indian Creek Island

Built-in 1965, the 9,259 square foot mansion sits on 2.8 acres of waterfront land. Tulia Soucy de Gonzalez Gorrondona, a former hotel manager and owner of MTM Star International Corp., had previously owned it. According to Bloomberg, it was previously owned by Tulia Soucy de Gonzalez Gorrondona, a former hotelier and manager at MTM Star International Corp., a company with ties to Panama.

The last reported sale before Bezos was for $1.4 million in 1982, according to public records. That would be equivalent to about $4.4 million now after inflation.

There are about 40 waterfront properties in Indian Creek, all of which have water views, and a 294-acre, 18-hole golf course. Additionally, there are Brazilian teak docks where luxury vessels longer than 100 feet can be parked which would be ideal for his 417-foot superyacht Koru.

The island’s population was only 81 people, according to the 2021 census.

The founder of Amazon may not be satisfied with just one island property. Bloomberg was informed by an unnamed source that he is also looking at purchasing  land next door.

That land is listed for sale for $85 million on

Even larger than the house Bezos just bought, the property at 12 Indian Creek Island Road has seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms spread across 19,064 square feet of extremely opulent living space.

Bezos’ latest purchase adds his outstanding real estate portfolio, which already includes the largest home in Washington, D.C., a $78 million estate, and a nine-acre mansion in Beverly Hills, to another extravagant address.

The 59-year-old also has a 5.3-acre property in Medina, Wash., a 30,000-acre ranch in Texas ,and nearly $100 million of real estate in a Fifth Avenue apartment building in NYC.


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