Meta, the parent company of Facebook, announced the decision to let go of 10,000 more employees, in March of this year. However, only 4,000 workers got the layoff notification mail at the time, and the remaining 6,000 people were only informed of their fate last month. Previously, in 2022, the company had fired 11,000 employees.

Employees have been sharing stories on social media ever since Meta announced its latest round of layoffs. One such employee recently posted on a job-search platform that his 7.5 years with the company were outstanding and that he is leaving with gratitude and happy memories.

After seven years of employment, Meta fires an employee

It requires a lot of dedication to serving for a company for 7.5 years, therefore it might be demoralizing to get a pink slip despite giving it your all. However, this ex-staff member of Meta isn’t just leaving with happy memories but also with gratitude for his time there. He continued by saying how admirable it was to see how his coworkers supported one another in difficult situations.

His LinkedIn post reads, “A few weeks ago the Facebook (Meta) era ended for me as I was impacted by the #metalayoffs. The past 7.5 years have been immense and I leave feeling extremely grateful, mostly for all the gems from all over the world that I got to manage, work alongside and learn from, many of whom have become friends. I leave with the fondest memories of parties that were music festivals, trips to new APAC destinations but most importantly how inspiring my teams and colleagues were in protecting their communities and supporting each other during the toughest crises/situations.”

The ex-Meta manager says he will take some time to relax and go back to his hometown and decide on his next plan of action. “I will spend some of this time traveling around Central and South America. Austin has been the best experience but the motherland has been calling me recently and so has a fresh start, so I can’t wait to get back to Dublin’s fair city to see what the next chapter has in store,” he wrote.

Meta will be a top payer in 2022

Although Meta announced large-scale layoffs, it was reportedly one of the highest-paying companies in 2022.

The Wall Street Journal originally cited a Business Insider report that said Meta was among the highest-paying public companies in 2022. The report also stated that WSJ used information collected by MyLogIQ, a company that analyses financial data of publicly traded companies, to find the median salary of 278 S&P 500 companies. With a median compensation of $300,000, Meta ranked second among the best-paying companies according to the data analysis.


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