Apple’s mobile apps have just been mocked up in new leaks, allowing us to see how some of the changes will appear on the screen. It is rumored that iOS 17 will include some pretty big improvements.

With iOS 17, Apple initially intended to concentrate on system-wide upgrades and performance increases. This method is comparable to what Apple used with Snow Leopard for macOS in the past. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s intended feature set for iOS 17 has extended to include a number of widely sought features more recently, though.

These mockups, which were provided by Twitter tipper @analyst941(opens in new tab) via MacRumors(opens in new tab), appear to be based on inside knowledge regarding the impending iOS 17 upgrade. A new-looking wallpaper selector, Health app, and Wallet app are visible.

With the Wallet app, we have a new bottom-level navigation bar that allows users to navigate between the sections of Cards, Cash, Keys, IDs, and Orders. If you swipe down, new navigation options and a search box will appear at the top.

Rumoured features of iOS 17

Regarding the Health app, it appears that the Favourites section will get a more grid-based interface that presents important statistics in a quick-glance, aesthetically pleasing manner. However, we are not given a preview of any upcoming changes to the app’s other sections.

There is a new grid-based design with 9 wallpapers displayed at once when choosing wallpapers. From this location, wallpapers appear to be more readily altered and erased, and a swipe up reveals sharing and duplication options.

The leak indicates that Dynamic Island will have greater capability in its forward-facing features. This is especially intriguing and exciting. especially because I believe the Dynamic Island in its present form is more intrusive than beneficial.

Much-improved search features will also be included in iOS 17, which is long overdue given the condition of search on iOS right now. Another fascinating rumour is that the Camera app’s user interface will change in iOS 17. There aren’t many specifics in this area, to be honest. But it will be interesting to see what Apple has in mind given how frequently users use the Camera app.

Other upcoming iOS 17 features include “an absolute behemoth of ARKit API’s/frameworks,” “dynamic widgets,” “new emoji,” “support for third-party app stores,” a redesigned Control Centre, “a new UI for the Health app,” “improved settings options” when calibrating Focus Mode and the Always-On display,” and more. However, the most intriguing feature is “an absolute behemoth of ARKit API’s/frameworks.

It’s a fascinating look at what iOS 17 will bring, but keep in mind that these are simply unofficial renderings, so we can’t be sure that they correspond to what Apple is preparing. On June 5, when WWDC 2023 begins, we’ll know for sure.

According to what we’ve heard so far, iOS 17 will be a significant update for the iPhone. Apple is eager to include some of the “most requested features” that consumers have asked for, though it’s unclear exactly what those features will be.

It’s hard to imagine that there have been so many requests for Wallet and Health app design upgrades. Additionally, it has been reported that the Control Centre may be getting a makeover and that Siri may be moving in iOS 17.

The ability to sideload programmes outside of the official App Store will reportedly be the biggest change of all, though there have been rumours that this feature will only be available in Europe so that Apple can comply with EU regulations.

Whatever the specifics, it appears likely that there will be a lot to look forward to in iOS 17’s upcoming update. At WWDC 2023 on June 5, Apple will go over all the changes as well as the updates to iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and other systems.


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