A man in Thailand and his daughter captured the public’s hearts after a birthday meal.

According to Thai media, the man had taken his daughter to a shabu-shabu restaurant for her birthday.

However, he could not afford meals for both of them, so he told the daughter to eat alone as he waited for her outside.

The daughter refused, saying she would not have the meal unless they had it together.

The two then stood up to walk out of the restaurant.

The cameras managed to capture this touching gesture between the two before they went on their way.

Birthday Party
However, a waitress had overheard the conversation and had told the owner.The owner then stopped them from leaving and treated them to a free meal.

She didn’t stop there. After finding out it was the daughter’s birthday, the owner asked her staff to get a cake for the birthday girl.

According to the Bangkok Post, the owner said she “saw how much he loved his daughter”.
After the meal, the father and daughter thanked the staff and left the eatery.


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