The police are warning people to be cautious of links related to the film The Kashmir Files that they may receive via WhatsApp. The police have issued a warning that hackers may attempt to trick people into installing malware on their smartphones by luring them to download The Kashmir Files for free.

Because the film has gained a lot of attention, many people will want to download it for free and may come across links to download the film on WhatsApp. It is strongly advised not to click such links on your smartphone.

According to the Hindustan Times, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida), Rannvijay Singh, has warned people that clicking on malware sent via WhatsApp could result in the hacking of phones and the emptying of bank accounts linked to mobile numbers. “There has been no specific case here yet in which the name of the film The Kashmir File has been used, but there are inputs regarding such methodology being used by conmen for hacking into people’s phones or duping them of money,” Singh was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

He stated that, while there have been no specific cases in the movie’s name as of yet, there have been cases where gullible phone users have lost money after a few clicks on links sent to them via WhatsApp.

The police have also advised social media users not to share or click on links sent to them by unknown people via WhatsApp or other social media platforms. Since the film’s release, video clips and links to The Kashmir Files have been circulating on social media and WhatsApp groups.


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