Are you spending a lot of time playing games? What if I told you that this could harm you in a variety of ways? You did read that right. Hours spent playing games are not the only issue; screen time is another. The use of phones has both benefits and drawbacks. In 2023, most users will be obsessed with gadgets for a variety of uses, and most people will spend at least 12 hours every day interacting with screens. But have you thought about how harmful it could be if you are dependent on a certain game and become glued to a screen as well? Let’s find.

4 harmful effects of playing phone games over long periods

Eye Fatigue

Your eyes will suffer greatly, which is the main harmful aspect. As an example, if you use a computer for work and become addicted to a particular game, you will keep trying to play it during breaks and at night. Your eyes won’t get a break from you. You should be aware that this could result in asthenopia, also known as eye fatigue. In essence, this indicates that you also have a headache and discomfort in your eyes. It is advisable to use devices with at least anti-glare specs because continuous use of a screen could cause vision to get dim.

Social Disconnection

The gaming community has a serious problem with social isolation. This is one of the negative effects of games that receive the most attention. Despite playing multiplayer games, we rarely connect with people. Authentic human interaction is more likely to occur in certain communities than in others. These are the exception, however. Your mental health can suffer greatly if you spend a lot of time alone. Humans weren’t designed to be solitary creatures by evolution. We thrive in social settings where we can help one another.

Individuals who have an addiction to games typically have lower social skills than non-addicted people, according to a 2009 Iranian study on second-graders. Social interaction is a skill, and it will deteriorate if you spend most of your time alone in your room playing games and not interacting with others in real life. That can end up in social anxiety, which makes the problem.

Academic Performance

Your academic and professional success is likely to suffer if you have a gaming addiction. It can be difficult for people who play games a lot to pay attention at their job or at school. When you perform poorly in these areas, it is fairly usual to turn to games. When the responsibilities in your life feel too much, playing games turns into an escape.

Independent of their physical activity, age, gender, and socioeconomic status, a longitudinal and cross-sectional study of adolescents in secondary school found a negative link between screen use and achievement in school one year later. It suggests a link between increased gaming and poor academic performance.

You may maintain a positive gaming habit while still performing well at work or school. But due to the way that games affect your brain, it is much easier to lose yourself in the virtual world than it is to try and deal with difficulties in reality.

Physical Health Atrophy, Muscle Atrophy, Obesity, Heart Problems

Your body starts to suffer more the less you move about and exercise. Weight gain, muscle loss, painful joints, and poor posture are typical examples.

Sitting in the same position all day long on a regular basis can have other detrimental effects on your physical health, such as chronic headaches and neck and back issues.

A tiny minority of gamers will develop obesity as a result of their excessive gaming, despite the fact that there is a relatively low correlation between obesity and gaming. Heart problems and illnesses related to the heart can also result from obesity.


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